Artist’s Statement

Biography Resume/CV Artist’s Statement Essay

Scientists and artists are distant cousins at the very least. Like a scientist my work is driven by curiosity that feels like what I imagine that kernel that is the first step of scientific exploration must feel like.

My work has always had a spontaneous and multi-streamed direction. Memory and the natural world are the starting points for my image making. My methods are very different and only a few are remotely of the “Scientific” variety none- the -less, I am continually searching and chasing my own intuitive experiments and theories. My findings fall into the poetic rather than that of the Journal Scientific.

Natural phenomenon like the physicality of water or the reciprocal qualities of honey and bees that create it fascinate me with their perfunctory and yet abstract qualities. The beginnings are the same as the endings and yet nothing is ever done (finished). These new works are another step in my exploration of collective memory in the context of our place in the cyclical nature of nature and the fluid nature of the mind.